Inclusive center Professions' Club "Generation UA" in Vyshhorod

The purpose of the Center is aimed at the professional integration of children and youth with disabilities through training in vocational schools in various fields, in particular in the environmental field.

The career guidance center is equipped with modern equipment, as well as an energy-saving solar power plant. This is the first example of the Center in Ukraine for the provision of social services in inclusion using ecological technologies.

The space has modern and innovative equipment for several areas of career guidance:
- IT technologies,
- culinary skill and
- catering business,
- photo video content,
- creative industries, etc.

The influence of the Inclusive Center Club Generation UA ​​on the community of the city and Vyshgorod district:

● Support for children and youth with disabilities
● Modernization of the premises
● Energy saving
● Improving the quality of life

Thanks to the opening of this Inclusive Center, the local community received not only a support center for children and youth with disabilities, but also an example of successful implementation of modern and environmentally friendly technologies.

The project to create a modern space is initiated and implemented by the Yellow-Blue Wings in cooperation with the Vyshgorod District Council of the Kyiv region, with the support of the German Children's Fund (ChildFund Deutschland) and the German Lipoid Fund.