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Acknowledgments page

Parents' thanks


Maria Kukla:

"We sincerely thank our psychologists for their conscientious work. You are real magicians, because you find an individual approach to each child. Children feel care, the energy of kindness and are in a hurry to attend classes on weekends. And for them, this is an opportunity to communicate with each other offline, and for parents - an opportunity to rest a little."


Miletska Masha:

I am Miletska Masha - the mother of three wonderful and mischievous children, our family is grateful for the work and care of the Yellow-Blue Wings Foundation. Thanks to the fund, in such a difficult and terrible period of war, children can be distracted for a short time and continue their childhood life, namely: visit interesting, diverse excursions that take place in the park, in the Oceanarium, Dinosaur Park, Experiencerium and see the beautiful and perfect nature. After all, being in the fresh air, children are hardened physically, the integration of such children into modern society. We thank the foundation for the organization and
financial support, we wish prosperity and peaceful work.


Jim Oksana:

I am a migrant mother with a disabled teenage child. We are very grateful to the Yellow-Blue Wings Foundation for financial assistance, thanks to the foundation we received the necessary medicines and a medical procedure called Electroencephalography (EEG) and were able to
get the results and analyzed the son's physiological maturity and condition, the presence of focal lesions, general brain disorders and their nature. We are also grateful to the foundation for their psychological support and confidence. This is invaluable help and a huge contribution to Artur's health!!! We are grateful for such support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


In Generation UA Yellow-Blue Wings, my son Bohdan attends the daytime group with pleasure and with his own enthusiasm, I want to note that I also agree with his pleasure to his stay in Generation, because for me it is a temporary rest and the only opportunity to solve my urgent matters. A child in a daytime group communicates with other children, so he does not use the phone, because live communication adds mood and emotions. The child has organized free time, comfort, peace and psychological support. Children are engaged in simple, but at the same time important for their development activities: mobile games in the air, creative tasks, psychological methods, they have a good effect on children. It must be said that a hot lunch and planned healthy snacks raise the appetite in the team. Thank you!