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The project is supported by the "WeWorld" Italy foundation

In August 2022, cooperation between the Irpin City Council, the team of the "Yellow Blue Wings" Foundation and the international humanitarian organization WeWordl (Italia) began.It is planned to implement the project, which is aimed at humanitarian support of the local affected population of Irpin.The project plans to provide material assistance and direct financial assistance to families.


A new project is being implemented in Irpen to help and support residents affected by the war

*The program is aimed at supporting residents of the SMU district of Irpin

1. Information on assistanceThe humanitarian organization WeWorld WeWorld-GVC (Italy) in partnership with the Charitable Foundation Yellow-Blue Wings Charitable Foundation (Ukraine), with the financial support of WeWordl and GVC AICS, (Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development) conducts data collection (questionnaire) to provide of their assistance, which consists of cash - 2,220 hryvnias per month for 3 months for each member of the household (6,660 hryvnias) in order to help them meet their urgent needs, in particular, for temporary housing, food and items of personal hygiene and material assistance - heating items per household (1 electric heater + 2 thermal blankets) with the aim of helping them survive the winter in the difficult conditions that arose as a result of the war.

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    2. Vulnerability criteriaThe program is aimed at supporting residents of the SMU district of Irpin, whose homes were completely or partially damaged during the invasion at the early stage of the conflict (categories IV and III of damage).The new eligibility criteria include:1. Persons or families belonging to one of the categories below:· displaced persons (residents),· persons who have returned· VPO in Irpinthat meet one or more of the following vulnerability criteria:· large family;· an orphan/semi-orphan child;· children deprived of parental care;· a person with a disability;· single mother, single father;low-income family;· victims of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant;· participants in hostilities;· and other social statuses.
    Attention: You cannot register if you are already registered to receive financial assistance of the same amount from other humanitarian organizations or UN agencies, or have already received such assistance.
    2. Data collection processIn order to determine whether residents meet the criteria of vulnerability, the necessary questionnaires will be conducted. Only those who meet the criteria will be included in the multipurpose cash assistance program. Questionnaires will be conducted upon prior registration by phone.Persons who do not meet the vulnerability criteria will be informed by an employee in a telephone conversation during pre-registration.If the household/individual meets the vulnerability criteria for receiving cash (material) assistance, it will be invited to collect personal data (questionnaire).To pass the questionnaire, the head of the household must have the following documents:- for each family member: a passport or other identity document defined by the laws of Ukraine, an identification code (if available), a child's birth certificate. - IDP certificate for all household members living in the city of Irpin;- a document confirming the loss of housing in the territory of the SMU district of Irpin as a result of hostilities;- a document on the composition of household members;
    If you wish to receive payments to a bank card, additionally provide bank card account details (IBAN).All information provided is confidential. By providing your personal data, you consent to the transfer of certain data to a financial service provider for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance.
    4. Amount of monetary assistanceThe amount of assistance is based on the amount of the subsistence minimum forecast for April 2022 and amounts to UAH 2,220. a month for each family member and covers a three-month period.5. Program coverageIn agreement with the government and humanitarian organizations, data collection for inclusion in the monetary (material) aid program will be carried out in the area of ​​SMU in Irpin6. Method of paymentThe entire amount will be transferred immediately in 3 months to the head of the household (defined when registering for assistance).
    CASH ASSISTANCE CAN BE RECEIVED THROUGH ANY BANK IN UKRAINE, provided that the bank card, the number of which you indicate during registration, is in hryvnia and belongs to the main applicant from your family. Make sure that your bank card does not have restrictions on certain types of transfers. Those who do not have a bank card will receive help in another way.Financial aid is provided by bank transfer to the beneficiary's personal account. NOTE: this type of assistance does not require any special bank account. For those who do not have bank accounts, assistance will be provided in another way. Recipients will receive an SMS message about the transfer of assistance.
    8. Mechanism of complaints and responsesIf you have questions about assistance, or you have feedback, suggestions or complaints about the work of the organization and/or the staff of the partner organization, you can contact:Address for receiving documents:Irpin, st. Severynivska 118a. (Conference Hall)Tel for information:+380937691077+380955485960